Rift Valley Sunrise

I am not a morning person. Not at all.

But at Samich Resort in Nyaru, a place I insist on going every time we’re in Kenya, I always wake up to watch the sunrise.

Mornings in Nyaru are beautiful. There’s something magical about 8,000 feet altitude. The air is clear and calm. The views are spectacular. You feel like you’re on top of the world. Literally and figuratively.







One of my new favorite places on earth

I have found one of my new favorite places on earth: Samich Resort in Nyaru, Kenya, about a half hour’s drive from Eldoret. The air is clear and crisp, chillier than Eldoret, and smells faintly of cut grass. There’s a unique sort of tranquil calm that I can’t quite describe. At altitude 8,000 feet, I find myself out of breath when I jog up a small hill. The views of the plunging Rift Valley are spectacular. The sunset is worth waking up for, and I say that as someone who is unequivocally not a morning person. In the chilly month of August, dinner is served in front of a cozy fire. We sipped coffee and ate breakfast on the terrace, overlooking that gorgeous view.