Zebra Crossing

I know, I know, I JUST wrote about American stereotypes about Kenya and yes, I still want to post pictures of sights and scenes in Kenya that go beyond the safari brochure snapshots people automatically think of.

But here are two zebras along the side of a highway, near Nakuru. I just couldn’t resist. Because zebras are awesome and who doesn’t want to see more pictures of zebras? (Picture a bit blurry because I snapped it from a bus window.)

I once saw two tourists in Harvard Yard taking picture after picture of some squirrels and looking so excited and captivated by the little animals. I wondered what in the world was so interesting about a squirrel, a common ordinary squirrel that I see thirty of in a day. This is probably how the other passengers on the bus felt when they saw me taking pictures of those zebras.



Road Tripping Kenya: And now, a photo series entitled “Cute Farm Animals Obstructing Traffic”

In Harvard Square, Cambridge, drivers know that they don’t rule the road. Absentminded jaywalking college students do. Between Kabarnet and Lake Bogoria, the road belongs to the local farm animals, and drivers may use it too, after some patient waiting and, when necessary, some impatient honking. Needless to say, these were some of my favorite photos from our Lake Bogoria road trip.

Cows blocking the road:


Sheep blocking the road:


Goats blocking the road:


Donkeys blocking the road:


More cows blocking the road:


A sheep lying in the middle of the road just livin’ that chill sheepy life, man:


And last but not least, a mother sheep nursing her twin lambs in the middle of the road: