Hi there!

I blog about three (somewhat overlapping) topics:


…for myself, as a way to preserve pictures and memories that I know I will want to look back on later…

… and for others! Personally, I LOVE reading travel blogs. They give me more information- and a different and often more useful type of information- than I’d find in a guidebook. When I’m planning a trip, I always check lots of people’s travel blog posts about that particular destination. I also just love reading travel blogs for inspiration of places to maybe go someday. If you’re also one of those people, I hope you enjoy my travel posts!


I’m a language learner (as a hobby) and a language teacher (as a profession).


It’s so tempting to waste the free moments of our twenties and thirties bar hopping, binge watching Netflix, or mindlessly scrolling, isn’t it? I’m particularly guilty of that last one! But I strongly believe in making the extra effort to get out there every day and do more interesting and meaningful things with this one wonderful beautiful life we’ve each been blessed with. Lately, I’ve been blogging about my “30 before 30” goals. Making short term bucket lists like this one helps me spend my free time more intentionally. (My “25 before 25” list motivated me to run my first 5k and go skydiving!)