And so it begins!

Just finished day three of orientation! I am in Rabat and having an incredible time so far. The others in my program are awesome and it’s been so fun getting to know them. We’ve had talks by Moroccan university professors on the Moroccan higher education system, politics, and multilingualism . We’ve been able to explore Rabat a little. Oh, and Moroccan food is the bomb dot com.

This adventure started with a delayed flight out of Boston followed by a mad dash through JFK airport. The three of us on that flight somehow managed to run from Terminal 5 to Terminal 1, get our boarding passes, go through security, and get to our gate in about half an hour. Sign us up for your cross country team! Our luggage was not so fast and spent a few days chilling in New York, which had both pros and cons. Con: I had two hundred dollars’ worth of contact lenses in that suitcase. Pro: The only shoes in my carry-on were my converses and sneakers, so I’ve had a perfectly valid excuse for my feet to be very comfy and happy these past three days, even on day two when we were told to “dress smart.” But thankfully, my luggage eventually made it to Morocco, and the five of us missing bags piled in a car this afternoon for the two-hour drive back to Casablanca to pick it up. Our driver was awesome and kept us entertained by teaching us some Darija (Moroccan Arabic) on the way.

I’m off to Fes early tomorrow morning! Being back in Rabat has been fun, but I’m excited to see a city I haven’t been to before.