My “30 before 30” list

Because I’m the kind of person who needs to make herself lists like this so I don’t spend the next three years sitting on my couch sipping ginger tea and watching Friends for the fourth time through.

  1. Go to South America.
  2. Run a 10k. *DONE!*
  3. Run a half marathon. *DONE!*
  4. Learn to salsa dance. *In progress*
  5. Go parasailing, hang gliding, or ziplining.
  6. Write and publish something, anywhere.
  7. Learn to speak Kiswahili. Improve my Spanish. *In progress*
  8. See the Northern Lights.
  9. Read at least 30 new books. *DONE!*
  10. Cook at least 30 new recipes. *DONE!*
  11. Go to Iran or Cuba.
  12. Learn how to do yoga. *DONE!*
  13. Take a jewelry, pottery, or woodworking class.
  14. Participate in an open mic night.
  15. Road trip out west. See the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Portland, Seattle, LA. (I’ve seen pathetically little of my own country!)
  16. Learn some Kenyan and African history. *In progress*
  17. Watch all my 2015-2016 ELL 9th graders GRADUATE!!!
  18. Learn how to code. (They say it’s the new literacy?)
  19. Go windsurfing, paddle boarding, or snorkeling. *DONE!*
  20. Keep a plant alive for more than a year. *DONE!*
  21. Have a baby. (Ok, this one’s kind of a joke.)
  22. Learn the major guitar chords. Be able to play at least 3 songs decently well.
  23. Start seriously saving for a down payment, retirement, etc. Get an IRA. Get better at budgeting. *In progress*
  24. Bench more than just the bar.
  25. Buy a good camera and learn how to use it.
  26. Learn to make at least five cocktails really well. *In progress*
  27. Learn to make really good coffee. *In progress*
  28. Really seriously master makeup, skin care, nails, and dressing myself. Invest in the perfect little black dress, the perfect pair of comfy and gorgeous leather boots that will last for years, and a timeless handbag. *In progress*
  29. Keep a gratitude jar for a year. *DONE!*
  30. Do at least 30 random acts of kindness for complete strangers. *In progress*

10 thoughts on “My “30 before 30” list

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