Road Tripping Kenya: Eldoret to Lake Bogoria

I don’t have any pictures of Eldoret up on my blog… I guess because I use this as a space to post travel photos/stories and Eldoret is more in the “home” category than the “travel” category. But my in-laws and I took some awesome road trips in Kenya this summer, and I was all about the paparazzi-ing on those excursions.

Here is one photo I took in Eldoret, though. It’s a weaver bird’s nest! We don’t have these in the States, as far as I know. What a beautiful work of art!


We piled about twelve people into two cars and hit the road. Our destination: The hot springs of Lake Bogoria.

We saw some prickly pear along the side of the road and it reminded me of Morocco:


That tall brown thing that looks like a tree trunk is- believe it or not- an anthill. And yes, that is an ostrich walking by it! In this area, you can buy a particular type of dark-tinted honey from roadside stands. This honey has a unique taste and doesn’t come from bees, but from the ants that inhabit these giant anthills. It is used more for medicinal purposes than for sweetening.


Here’s some more scenery I snapped along the way. Kenya is so gorgeous, right??



We stopped for lunch at a hotel in a town called Kabarnet. I was excited for this because why would I not be excited to eat lunch in a town that sounds like my favorite red wine. We ordered 3 kg of meat, and it arrived on scrumptiously beautiful platters surrounded by ugali, sukuma wiki (sauteed greens) and other veggies, and potatoes (boiled and then fried, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside).



Another picture I snapped from the front passenger seat. Yep, those cows know they rule the road!


When we finally thought we’d reached Lake Bogoria, we had to take a much longer drive than we expected, over a much bumpier dirt road than we expected, to get to the hot springs. It was the rainy season and the good road was under water. I wasn’t sure our little rental car was going to make it, but it pulled through! Along the way, we spotted a lovely rainbow…


… and some pink flamingoes!


At last we reached the hot springs! We had just enough time to boil eggs in them (yes, you read that right! So cool!) before it started raining and we had to flee back to our cars.



Nature is pretty awesome.

Stay tuned for one more Road Tripping Kenya post. (And more the next time we go, for sure! Maybe some day I’ll actually buy a car and road trip the U.S. too.)


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