Road Tripping Kenya: Kisumu & Lake Victoria

Eldoret is a five hour drive west of Nairobi. Another two hours will get you to Kisumu, a city bordering Lake Victoria.

We stocked up on some road trip provisions: Stoney (like ginger beer but better… we may or may not have smuggled four bottles back to the States with us), Krest (like 7 Up but better… Hubby says it contains quinine which helps protect against malaria), and fresh roasted corn on the cob, purchased through the front passenger window from a roadside stand.

If you drive in Kenya, you have to learn how to drive on the left side of the road and how to drive over the most massive speed bumps you’ve ever seen in your life. Hubby is a champ!

We met up with an American friend at Java Coffee, then drove to the lake shore for a lunch to end all lunches: Giant fish- one whole fish per person- with veggies and ugali. Here’s where we ate. I recommend it. The food was delish!


And here… da da da da.. is my plate!


I haven’t quite mastered the art of eating with ugali, but I developed my skills a lot during this particular meal. Take some ugali in one hand (that’s the white stuff on the plate to the right), use it to pull off a piece of fish and grab some greens and tomatoes, and pop it in your mouth!


I don’t think any of us were able to finish our fish, but we made a valiant effort.

A few more glimpses of Lake Victoria:





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