Travel tips 101: How to prepare for an international trip

I love to travel, so I thought maybe I should share a little travel planning advice. Here’s the best I’ve got. You’re welcome in advance.

  1. Pack your stuff.
  2. Don’t forget your passport.
  3. Okay, now this is the really important part. Listen very carefully. Open your freezer. Do you see any half-empty cartons of ice cream? Or maybe even some full cartons? Or some frozen cookie dough? Look, life is uncertain. You never really know when the power is going to go out. Or maybe your fridge will suddenly decide to stop working. You never know when these things are going to happen. And what if the power goes out or your fridge breaks and you’re halfway around the world on vacation? WHAT THEN? What about all that ice cream? Picture the melty disaster. Imagine the senseless waste of delicious creamy minty chocolatey goodness. There are children starving in New Jersey for pete’s sake. Look, an essential part of planning a vacation is making sure you’re prepared for anything that might go wrong. No, I’m not talking about splitting up your money and keeping it in separate places just in case you get pickpocketed. I’m not talking about photocopying the front page of your passport just in case you lose it. I’m saying open those cartons, break out some spoons, maybe a ladle, and EAT ALL THE ICE CREAM IN YOUR FREEZER. RIGHT NOW. BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY AND YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.

Brb, I’m busy preparing for our trip to Kenya.




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