Cheetahs make good traffic cops

We’re going back to Kenya next week and I am so excited!!! Since I try to avoid posting pictures of people on my blog (privacy, y’all), I didn’t put up any from our wedding here. But I’m super pumped for this trip, so here’s a throwback to our honeymoon last July. We stayed at Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge in Taita Hills Sanctuary before moving on to Zanzibar to beach it up.

I jokingly call Salt Lick a “lazy safari.” Although we went for game drives every day, we could also just look out the windows of our hotel room and see elephants, zebras, and sometimes even lions at the watering holes and salt licks just outside. It was great!


As we were leaving Taita Hills, we saw a cheetah near the side of the road. It jumped up onto this sign. I thought the irony of a cheetah telling drivers to slow down was pretty funny, so I just had to get a picture!


Annnddd now I am dreaming of Zanzibar’s blue skies, palm trees, and gentle turquoise Indian Ocean waves.


Can’t believe it’s been a whole year!


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