Today was a good day!

I went to my university’s copy center today and walked out later with exactly what I wanted, after communicating only in Darija! This was a big Morocco step for me.

The conversation went like this. (At least, this is what I think I was saying. I may have actually been saying something entirely different.)

“Hello! I’m a new English teacher here…”

“Hello, [my name]!” Whoah, she remembers me! I guess I am the only American around here, after all. I’m a zoo animal.

I have four… four…” Quick, how do you say files??? Wait, nevermind, it’s ok, she understands me.

“Something something something something?”

“Fifty of everything, please.”

“Something something fifty something something?”

“Yes. I don’t know how many students I have… [I was SO proud of that sentence, just sayin’] … but fifty, please.” Most likely I will have closer to a hundred per class, but from what I’ve heard, many of them will not be there on day one.

“Something something you speak Arabic something something?”


“Yes, you do, a little!”

“Yes, I’m learning Darija! I speak English and French, but I live here now.”

“Something something something twelve pages something something fifty something something wait here.”

“Yes, okay, thanks.”

And it worked.

On top of all this, I got my schedule today. A real life actual schedule, with classroom numbers and everything, formatted specifically for me, and in English. Wahoo!


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