A moment of appreciation for the deliciousness that is Moroccan bread

I love bread. Baking it, eating it, whatever. Bread is one of the things I love about France. (It might even be one of the main reasons why I went to France, let’s be real here.) Bread is a very important staple of the Moroccan diet, there is a lot of variety in Moroccan bread, and it is all delicious. So basically, here I am in a happy bread-filled paradise. I don’t actually know the words for these specific types of bread yet, so for now, I just point and say in Darija, “Two of these!”

Big, frisbee shaped loaves of basic bread generally accompany meals, and I see them everywhere- in bakeries, in hanoots, in the vegetable market, and piled in carts in the medina. Moroccans often use this bread in place of a fork, breaking off pieces to serve as eating utensils.

Then there’s this stuff. Sort of like a thick, fried pancake.

2014-09-28 17.13.37

And this. Similar, but square shaped, filled with cheese, and spread with honey. SO delicious with a cup of qHwa b-Halib (café au lait) for breakfast!

2014-09-29 11.17.21

And this. It’s thin and spongy and sort of reminds me of Ethiopian bread. Love it.

2014-09-29 12.39.00

I signed up for Darija and Spanish classes today, and I’ll probably ask my Darija teacher for the names of these kinds of bread and all the others out there. But for now, I’ll just say “two of that one, please!” So much yum.


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