Many Moroccos

"Morocco Mall" in Casablanca
“Morocco Mall” in Casablanca

In the same way that America is not New York City or Portland or Anchorage or a cornfield in Iowa, but a mosaic of all of those places and more, Morocco is not just the camels and palm trees you might see on TV or in tourism ads. It is not just the narrow, winding, walled paths through old medinas, or the fruit and vegetable markets lining city sidewalks, or the farmers selling live chickens in noisy souks. It is not just touristy beaches or remote mountain villages or the wide streets and crowded cafés of Rabat’s Agdal district. There are many Moroccos.

One of those many Moroccos is Casablanca’s three-story “Morocco Mall,” the biggest mall in Africa. Morocco Mall houses American and European clothing stores from H&M to high end designers, two of the three Starbucks in the country, and even an aquarium. Shoppers wear everything from long skirts and hijabs to skinny jeans and sleeveless tops. If there’s anything I’ve picked up on in these past three weeks, it’s that Morocco has many faces and I am looking forward to discovering more of them.


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