Fes Medina Snapshots

20140906_155607The “medina” is an old, walled section of a Moroccan city, a maze of winding, narrow streets packed with markets, homes, mosques, Moroccans going about their daily business, and curious tourists in search of scarves or leather bags. Some streets are calm except for a few children chasing each other. Other parts of the medina are noisy and smelly and crowded and exciting and a little stressful. No space for cars, but if you’re not careful, you might get run over by a donkey carrying crates of vegetables, or a man rushing through the streets pushing a cart and screaming what I assume must be Darija for “Get out of the way!”

We spent this afternoon exploring the Fes medina. Here are a few of the things we saw!

* A 14th-century medersa (Islamic school) with beautiful carving and mosaic work.

* Political ads on the walls of the medina. I think these are super fascinating!

* A tannery. One of the grosser things I have seen and smelled in my life… In fact, they gave us sprigs of mint at the door to hold over our noses as we walked through! Leather production is big in Fes. The next time you start complaining about your job, remember that your job could be this!



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